Our Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Network ‘BiodeCCodiNNg’ was funded

We are excited about the opportunity to work with leading experts from European academic institutions and industrial partners on decoding novel reaction chemistries from enzymes that are not accessible with the existing biocatalyst portfolio. With this, we intend to build important molecules such as precursors for pharmaceuticals. Expanding the toolbox of available biocatalysts enabling novel reactions not yet accessible with the existing enzymes is a formidable challenge. However, it will open exciting new avenues for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The main goal of BiodeCCodiNNg is to train and educate Europe’s next ten visionaries for a sustainable future on cutting-edge enzyme technology. Sandy is the coordinator and will receive EUR 545,000 of the total grant amount of almost EUR 3 million for two 2 PhD positions.

Link to the RUG press release